Opening for my novel

The view outside my boss’s office was breathtaking. The office was on the 8th floor in downtown Tucson Arizona, with a view of most of downtown and the Catalina Mountains. I wish I could bring my camera to work sometimes to take some pictures from here as the sunsets. I was going out tonight to take some photo of the nightlife on 4th Ave but my best friend, Jamie Smoke, is taking me out. She thinks I don’t get out enough and that I need to find a man. I don’t think a need a man in my life and I get out every day. I work full time at the Star Bank for John Hopkins, the manager, and in my free time I go out to take photos of the nightlife and wildlife. Photography is my passion, its something I have always wanted to do. I have never had my work published but maybe someday. Jamie says I spend too much time alone and she is always begging me to go out with her. So to make her happy I agreed to go this one time. She won’t tell me anything about this clubs but says I will have a great time for once in my life.


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