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Ramses stands at the top of the peak engulfed in the moonlight. As he looks out over the land he wonders if he will ever find a place to call home. He and his four brothers moved to Tucson nine months ago and now they have to find a new place to live before the Gahiji try to kill them all. Ramses shakes his head to get the nightmares from he mind. He runs down the peak to the ranch his brothers and him live. As he reaches the fence that surrounds the ranch he sees part of it is braking.


Opening for my novel

The view outside my boss’s office was breathtaking. The office was on the 8th floor in downtown Tucson Arizona, with a view of most of downtown and the Catalina Mountains. I wish I could bring my camera to work sometimes to take some pictures from here as the sunsets. I was going out tonight to take some photo of the nightlife on 4th Ave but my best friend, Jamie Smoke, is taking me out. She thinks I don’t get out enough and that I need to find a man. I don’t think a need a man in my life and I get out every day. I work full time at the Star Bank for John Hopkins, the manager, and in my free time I go out to take photos of the nightlife and wildlife. Photography is my passion, its something I have always wanted to do. I have never had my work published but maybe someday. Jamie says I spend too much time alone and she is always begging me to go out with her. So to make her happy I agreed to go this one time. She won’t tell me anything about this clubs but says I will have a great time for once in my life.